As if getting into an Ivy League school wasn't hard enough...imagine trying to pay for it.

Three young ladies from Cleveland's John Hay High are defying all odds, each getting accepted at Harvard, Princeton, and Cornell.

Twin sisters Dana and Danielle Harris, have their sights set on Princeton or Harvard, and Lauryn Hamilton hopes to attend Cornell.

These students credit their success to their parents and mentors. 

The twins have their financial aid squared away, but Lauryn is struggling to get to the school of her dreams.

Her family is hoping a go fund me account could make her dream come true.

"It is hard to know I did get here, but will I go there?" said Lauryn. 

For the Hamilton family when their daughter Lauryn got accepted into Cornell University it was more like a blessing and a curse.

"To get this far and to possibly have a financial situation to prevent her from reaching her full potential it's devastating."

Since the 8th grade Lauryn has always dreamed of attending Cornell.

"I got accepted in December but sometimes I think about it like wow I got accepted and I'm doing this," said Hamilton

Since then she's been feverishly applying for scholarships, but due to her father working two jobs, and her mother being a social worker, she's ineligible for most federal financial aid.

"They have offered a grant they've offered some loans, but without help we can't do it," said Lauryn's parents. 

It costs $61,000 a year to attend Cornell.

The family has started a gofund me page with a goal of 31-thousand dollars.

"It seems unobtainable but so was getting into Cornell that was unlikely for me so I'm trying to stay positive and maybe I can afford to go there."

If you want to help, visit Lauryn's GoFundMe page here

WKYC's Jasmine Monroe also reached out to College Now, who are considering Lauryn's situation and are trying to find more scholarships if possible for her.