Tribe nation has their eyes glued to the field, but some must work their way through the World Series. They’re missing this moment in sports history to make sure we’re safe from danger… and hunger.

“I’ve been a fan since the day I was born,” said Lieutenant Michael Palumbo of the Mayfield Village Fire Department.

He’s passionate about the Indians and his job. Tuesday night the two conflicted. He and his fellow firefighters can watch during downtime, but must abandon if they get a call.

“That moment the bell does go off you forget about the game in an instant and you just go do your job,” Palumbo said.

Tuesday night, the streets seemed empty with most people at home or downtown watching the game - full of excitement… and pizza, thanks to Ryan Kennedy and Georgio’s Pizza in Mayfield.

“I really like the competition in the playoffs,” Kennedy told us.

He catches bits and pieces of the game while he works as a pizza-maker and delivery driver.

“Being here tonight, it’s kind of a drag, but luckily our boss has the Indians on at the game,” he said.

These two and other police officers, nurses, cooks and tow truck drivers make sacrifices so we can have all the fun.

So, don't let the Indians give you heart attack. But if they do, be glad Lieutenant Palumbo's on the job.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to watch the whole game, but once those tones go off it’s back to business as usual and we get on the trucks and take care of what needs to be taken care of,” said Palumbo.