Senior Cell Savings

If you're 55 or older, you might want to sign up with T-Mobile.
The company is offering an unlimited data plan for fifty dollars a month with a second line only ten dollars...and that includes taxes and fees. You just have to sign up for auto-pay.

The same plan for all the young ones is seventy dollars a month…a savings of twenty bucks if you're counting along.

Seniors are a growing market for cell providers. About 60% of people 65 or older now own cell phones. And that number has doubled over the last five years.

T-Mobile Senior Plan

Singing the Blues

Clearly, this next person could use a deal like that because he felt the need to sue Dunkin' Donuts over blueberries. The man bought a glazed blueberry donut from a Dunkin' near Chicago. He thought it contained real blueberries...when in fact they were "imitation" blueberries. Had he known, he claims he wouldn't have paid so much for it.

This has actually become a class action lawsuit. Dunkin is accused of deceptive sales practices by leading customers to think their bakery products contained real fruit, often showing footage of real fruit next to their products in ads.

The plaintiffs are asking for five million dollars in damages restitution and court fees.

Dunkin’ Donuts Lawsuit

Fake Fees?

Also being sued for deceptive practices is Comcast. And you know how we love to complain about our cable companies

They were originally sued for adding "Broadcast TV" and "Regional Sports" fees to bills as a way to charge customers more for their service without raising their advertised price. Between the two fees people were paying ten dollars more a month.

The company tried to get the lawsuit thrown out but that request was denied by a federal court judge. The judge ruled the twenty-three page subscriber agreement wasn't clear, nor were the pop ups that appeared when people signed up online.

Original complaint against Comcast

Judge’s Ruling on Comcast’s Request to Dismiss

And That's One For The Money