While politicians battle it out over how to give us the best health care, there's another type of medical bill breaking the bank. The cost we pay to keep our pets healthy.

Do you know that the average bill for emergency vet care here in Ohio is between $1,200 and $1,300? Then there are the meds...which can run you a hundred dollars.

But here are some ways to keep them healthy without going broke:

Check out local rescue groups and shelters
They often offer low-cost vaccinations and procedures including spaying and neutering.

Shop around
Vet prices vary widely. It often depends on their location.

Look for cheaper prescriptions
Look at some of the online stores. Sometimes the prices will be higher if you buy directly from your vet.

Charitable Organizations
If you are still having trouble, there are several agencies that help with life-saving care.

Here are links for all of these options:

Organizations that provide financial assistance to pet parents.

Animal Shelters and Pet Rescue Groups

Animal Protective League Low Cost Neuter/Spay Programs


Doctors Foster and Smith


We found great ways to save money, but thieves have found a new way to steal it.

You've probably heard of credit card “Skimmers” where thieves attach false fronts on ATM's and gas pumps to steal your information. Well now there are “Shimmers”.

They're paper-thin shims with a microchip and flash storage which thieves put into the card slot to steal data...including from those supposedly secure chip cards.

And when the scammers come to get the shims with all your info, it looks like they're just paying at the terminal.

I wish I could tell you how to protect yourself, but that's on the business and card issuers. Fortunately most major cards won't hold you responsible for fraudulent purchases.

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