Are you an Amazon Prime member? If not, Consumer Investigator Danielle Serino says you should be.

 In addition to free shipping on just about any product imaginable, there are other perks that make the $99 membership worth it.

I live for Amazon. Every time the delivery guy comes he says, “Your boyfriend Amazon sent you another gift.”

Now you can get what amounts to free sample boxes.

For example, they have something called "New Year-New You." It comes with sixteen products including protein powders, supplements and protein bars. The boxes range from $5-$20. But you get a credit in exchange. It makes for a great gift.

And right now, they have a Men's Grooming box for $10.

Last week I gave you a list of 20 things that tech made obsolete. Now here’s 11 products that probably won't exist within 10 years.

1. Upright vacuums, This shocks me because I've tested products like the Roomba, And I’m sorry they can't do the same job I can. But their popularity is exploding.

2. Credit Cards.  According to Bloomberg, more than 80 percent of spending is already cash-less with services like Pay Pal and Apple Pay. And of course, nobody uses a physical credit card to shop online.

Then there’s the remote control, which i still call a clicker. With all those voice-operated devices like Amazon Echo, forget switching channels, you can order a pizza, even get an Uber ride.

And how would you like to get rid of passwords? We’re already using biometric sensors on many smartphones and laptops. And soon, our devices will rely on facial recognition.

Here are all 11 products