Have you noticed you're getting more robocalls these days? Two and a half billion calls were made in March alone. That’s according to a company that makes software to block them.

And by the way, those calls are up 11% versus the month before. It's about one thousand calls a second.

The main reasons:
Voice Over Internet Protocol.
More robo-callers are using online phone services or VOIP's, which means these guys can set up shop outside the States where they’re not regulated.

Call Spoofing
They're also doing what's called Spoofing. Making the calls look like they're coming from our same area code, because people are more likely to take a call if they number looks familiar.
And I hate to say it, but the Do Not Call Registry only goes so far. It has a lot of loopholes, and scammers just ignore it.

Now you should still sign up with the Registry. It will reduce some calls.
AT&T and T-Mobile both offer free services to help block them
And then there are free apps like Nomorobo which help stop the calls as well.

My suggestion is just don't pick up a call you don't recognize, because here's what happens: you get tagged as a "live number" which means not only will they keep calling, they'll sell your number to more people.

So let's talk about someone you would "want" to get a call from…like a potential suitor. Would it be someone who's good looking? Smart? Funny?

Well if I was like nearly half of Americans...which I am not .....it would be someone with a good credit score. According to a new study from Bankrate.com, 42 percent of people say a person's score impacts whether they would date them. And women were nearly three times as likely as men to consider that.

As for when to share your finances with a partner, the majority of those surveyed said sometime between dating a few months and after you're engaged. I'm thinking you should have that talk waaaaay before you get engaged.

Now speaking of a union, I posted on FB and Twitter yesterday, that Jimmy’s going to be stuck with me for a while on Donovan Live. And I asked people to come up with some names for my consumer segments. I got some doozies.

Donald said: “I wouldn't listen to you if I was paid.”

Michelle said we should call the segment "Give Free Gifts to Michelle".

Rich had one more along the lines of what we're looking for "Danielle's Street Cents."

We'd love some more suggestions. You could send them to my Facebook page or to WKYC's. And maybe yours will get picked!