Did you get all your holiday shopping done on Black Friday? If you didn't, you might want to peruse Facebook Marketplace from the comfort of your own couch.

The social media site recently launched a designated place where you can buy and sell things and people seem to be loving it.

"Every dollar matters, so if I can save money on a few items, it's a win,” said Hillary Schwallie.

This single mom of two turns to buy-sell swap sites to catch a deal, especially around the holidays.

“They have huge lists so anything I can do to save money on those lists helps me,” said Schwallie.

Schwallie discovered Facebook Marketplace about a month or two ago.

She recently bought an iPhone 6 for $200 and, on the flip side, she listed brand new Beats headphones for $150 and Kate Spade wallets for $50 retail.

She has sold everything from a Kitchen Aid to children's clothing.

Schwallie added, “Kids stuff is huge. Because they grow out of the stuff. Picnic tables, I mean, that is really huge or patio furniture."

Steve Buddenhagen re-purposed a nightstand and posted it on Facebook Marketplace for $149. Until it is sold, it sits at Transitional Treasures in Broadview Heights, not in someone's living room, but in an actual business.

“A lot of businesses have jumped on the bandwagon,” said Buddenhagen.

Steve works at Transitional Treasures and Designs. It is a resale shop connected to a senior moving and downsizing business.

“We have women's clothing,” said Transitional Designs President Nancy Sheeler. “We have jewelry, costume jewelry. We have all kinds of furniture."

“On these particular buy-and-sell pages, they are looking for things that are a good price a good bargain, so I kind of look for those types of things to post,” said Buddenhagen.

He says they sell a couple dozen items a month on Facebook Marketplace. Like Hillary, Steve also purchases items for himself.

Buddenhagen added, “A gas powered lawn edger.”

So from buying to selling or selling to buying, “Everything is just there,” said Schwallie.

Facebook continues to connect, this time with a community marketplace.

Some call it the new Craigslist. So, just like when you use that service, you need to use common sense and meet in public places when exchanging items on Facebook Marketplace.

As of right now, Facebook Marketplace is only available on your mobile device.