Don Ramos is enjoying his new job as a high-skilled welder helping build new tugboats for Great Lakes Towing.

The former warehouse worker trained in a program at Cuyahoga County Community College.

Great Lakes hired him after he served an apprenticeship.

Ramos is now making $35,000 a year and has full benefits. And some weeks, he works 20 hours of overtime.

Great Lakes helped design the training program which makes use of a federal grant.

Labor Secretary Tom Perez was in Cleveland on Monday to announce another $100 million to the training program that helps train workers for jobs requiring special skills. He says the program is like "," linking trainees and jobs in expanding companies.

Great Lakes Vice President Robert Zadkovic says the firm has been involved with previous training programs and this one is more successful, serving as an efficient worker pipeline.

It has plans to build at least ten new tugboats and hire about 40 more welders from the program.