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There is a big job fair happening on Thursday, July 28. So big that organizers are calling it the largest of its kind in Ohio's history.

It is because big rig drivers are in such high demand.

"Just being behind the wheel,” said Antonia Worsham. “It is relaxing."

Worsham says she has worked all kinds of jobs, but quickly found they were not for her. She thinks she has finally steered herself in the right direction.

“I love driving trucks,” said Worsham. “I love going out on the road. I love practicing my maneuvers."

Worsham attends Great Lakes Truck Driving School.

The job fair will be held at the school on July 28 from 2:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.

The school is located at 27740 Royalton Road in Columbia Station.

More than 70 employers will be there, including Lakefront Lines, The Ohio Department of Transportation, Giant Eagle, The Cleveland Coca Cola Bottling Company, Medina Supply and Superior Beverage Group.

“These employers are looking for 50 people, 25 drivers,” said Great Lakes Truck Driving School General Manager Roger Rollins. “It is absolutely incredible the demand right now in the industry."

More than 3,000 people could be sitting in the driver’s seat after Thursday's job fair, with a starting salary of $40,000.

Rollins added, "And I have seen students leave directly out of school upwards $65,000 first year.”

Rollins says Ohio is the third highest truck flow state in the country. The demand for drivers makes for competitive benefits.

“Oh full benefits,” said Rollins, "401ks, wages have been going up quite considerably over the last few years for drivers."

Which is music to Antonia and her fellow classmates' ears.

“I love it, and I cannot wait to get started,” said Worsham. “Cannot get any better than that."

For more information, visit Great Lakes Truck Driving School.