Let's start with a rather unpleasant statistic: Nearly three quarter of Americans die with more than $10,000 in debt. 

But you can get out of it!

Audit manager Marcus Garrett was in the hole for $30K, but now he owes nothing. 

Here's his secret:  Use an online debt calculator to set payment goals, revamp your budget by cutting back on things like $100 cell phone bills, and set-up auto transfers between your checking and savings accounts. 

It took Garrett a few years to pay it off, but ironically now he hosts a finance podcast. 

A big part of debt comes from crazy-high medical bills, but there are some ways to cut them.

First, make sure you pick a doctor from your insurance network. Consider one in private practice so you don't get charged those obnoxious 'facility fees.'

Second, if your doctor tells you to get a test, such as an MRI, ask what it costs beforehand. Then call your insurer to see what they'll cover. Make sure to find out from your physician if you really need it. Some doctors just like to order tests or do procedures that only 'might help' you. 

Finally, look for billing mistakes. Sometimes procedures aren't coded right, which means your insurance could reject it. If your doctor is in private practice, then negotiate. They might take less. 

Meanwhile, here are some money-making stories:

21-year-old John Cronin clearly knows how to wheel and deal. He's making more than $300,000 selling socks. Despite having Down Syndrome, he co-founded John's Crazy Socks, an online store that donates money to help the disabled. 

After the below video posted on Facebook, sales jumped by 9,000 socks in a month!

Now, as far as who's making money in a not-so-good way, try American Airlines.

You know those tiny little seats we're already cramming in? Well, they're about to get tinier on their new 737s. They're adding more seats, cutting space by up to two inches in some rows.