It's something I never thought I would type - but the ongoing class-action lawsuit surrounding Bose headphones has many of you scratching your heads. It also has some of you asking for great noise-cancelation alternatives that won't invade your privacy.

Before I get to the awesome alternative I just hunted down at its lowest-recorded price, let me quickly explain the lawsuit against Bose. The high-end audio company is accused of violating customer privacy by collecting information about listening habits and selling it without listeners' permission.

Many of us use headphones to privately enjoy content. Information about your favorite music and podcasts could identify your political standing, religious beliefs or even reflect details about your health. While there's no point in me debating how Bose handles your private information tied to its app, I have a deal to share.

The headphones that I've been testing for months beat Beats By Dre in terms of sound, provide the same active noise cancelation as the $350 Bose headphones under fire, and surpassed other competitors in terms of sound.

Click the play button for a full unboxing and comparison as Pawws takes on Bose and Beats.

- Best noise cancelling headphones developed using new technology
- Full active noise cancelation
- Rechargeable full day battery life
- #1 Airplane Headphones
- Ideal Father's Day gift
- Folds for travel, with all accessories and carrying case included
- Works with virtually any Bluetooth audio device, Apple, Android and Windows
- Lowest recorded price

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