CLEVELAND, OH -- Today we watch out for your wallet, your waist line and your taste buds! Over the past year or so I've collected thousands of requests for MacNut Oil deals - the ultimate butter substitute - and to be honest, I had no clue why.

I've since learned that Macadamia Nut Oil is delicious, tastes just like butter, is better for your than olive oil, is heart healthy, doesn't burn and is also excellent for frying, marinades, cooking, dipping and baking.

MacNut Oil is more stable than canola with a richer buttery flavor and high in monosaturated fats. I've had several nutritionists, doctors, fitness consultants and a a couple of chefs weigh in for today's deal hunt and they all like what I found, so I hope you do too.

My favorite deal gets you Two MacNut bottles of delicious oil at a steep discount with quick free shipping.

Watch TV's Dr. Derek weigh in on my deal and discuss the benefits of MacNut Oil.
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$11 Off MacNut Macadamia Nut Oil Twin Pack + Quick Free Shipping
Was: $34.00
Now: $22.99
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