CLEVELAND, OH -- Today we celebrate another edition of Frugal Food Friday's on Ways to Save. And in my attempts to save you time and money, we stretch your dollar for dinner.

You don't need me to tell you that soups, stews and chili are a tremendous way to fill-up on a budget. The ingredients, however, can get very expensive - especially with the rising cost of food prices. While many store-bought soups and canned chili are cheap, they are full of sodium, preservatives and other ingredients you might now want to eat on a regular basis.

Today an awesome American company called "Purely American Soup" will change soup, stews and chili as we know it. Each of their soup mixes come complete with all of the non-perishable ingredients and season you need to pull a perfect meal together. Each meal includes a recipe. They are delicious, full of premium ingredients with no salt, preservatives or MSG.

I found a deal today where you score free shipping and get four Purely American Soup Kits for under $25. Each kit serves 10 - 12 people which if you calculate conservatively works out to $0.62 per portion or roughly $2 a meal when other ingredient costs are taken into account.

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We do not receive any financial compensation for mentioning any company or deal. The only purpose of this segment is to save you money.

$13 Off Purely American Soup Kits - 4 Pack + Free Shipping
Was: $37.94
Now: $24.95

**Includes: French Mark 18 Bean Soup, Bourbon street Black Bean Soup Mix, Chisholm Trail Stew Kit and Ozark Outlaw Chili.