Just in time for flu season: a big price drop by parental request. If you've ever struggled to take the temperature of your kids or grandkids, have someone in your family with special needs or just want to embrace top technology, we have you covered!

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Now for the savings! Infrared thermometers are a school nurse's best friend and one of the top models we've tested is at its lowest price.

Used by construction workers to measure the temperature of a surface, ideal to test the temperature of bottle milk, bath water, baby food or indicate whether you have a fever, no contact infrared thermometers are incredible.

- Super fast and accurate: just point and press for a temperature reading
- Accurate readings in under 0.5 seconds
- Dual mode: can measure body and surface temperature
- Auto power off function
- Three color back light indicates temperature abnormalities or a slight fever
- Money-back guarantee
- Super light weight

57% Off Hylogy Digital Infrared Fast Accurate Non Contact Thermometer
Was: $60.99
Now: $25.99
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