This year Amazon Prime Day is not a day. It happens over the course of two days and it's a 30-hour event. For the past three years, Amazon Prime Day has operated as a one-day-only global shopping event. The retail giant uses this Black Friday meets Cyber Monday meets PR opportunity to offer thousands of deals exclusively to Prime Members.

This year, Amazon Prime Day 2017 begins at 9 p.m. EST on Monday July 10. The deals will continue through 2:59 a.m. EST Wednesday July 12, 2017.

What can you expect on Prime Day? If you've ever shopped Cyber Monday online, you likely know that there are incredible deals of up to 90 percent off alongside reductions on items you would never want to buy.

Prime Day is multi-faceted when it comes to frugality. You'll find deals from every major shopping category.

Amazon will offer aggressive reductions on its own line of products that include everything from Alexa, Amazon's Echo home automation system, to Fire TV - and yes, they have fashion lines that will see massive reductions.

This year, we will have access to MANY Prime Day deals 48 hours early! Last year's #PrimeDayFail hashtag was due in part to frustrated shoppers who experienced depleted stock or faced flash sales for some bizarre items (think neon LED cat collars).

Similar to Black Friday, you need to approach the shopping event with a wishlist or at least some type of strategy. Let us be your strategy. Based on your requests, we will sort through more than 10,000 different Prime Day Deals to provide you with a Top 100 list. You'll get every deal in stock and early so make sure to keep an eye on us!