CLEVELAND, OH -- In my continued quest to save you time and money, today we tackle a guaranteed way to grab the best-priced prescription medicine.

Chances are you check several websites before you book a flight and you probably have several other comparison tools for other purchases. Today I want to equip you with a tool that sorts the lowest-priced FDA-approved prescription drugs in our region and across the country.

GoodRx finds pharmacy coupons, manufacturer discounts and presents savings of up to 80% off at local drug stores where you already shop. This fantastic free website also suggests generic alternatives that may not be on your radar, and can often beat your co-pay or help with drugs that aren't covered if you have insurance. For the most part, GoodRX performed very well in our tests. In cases where it did not, I tried a different zip code search nearby and the results were greatly improved.

Additional features include optional refill reminders and alerts when prescription medication prices drop.

Watch my Youtube video of how GoodRx works in my test of this website and app.

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