From a multi million dollar award in a baby powder lawsuit, to the reason people can't do math anymore, here's what's hot tonight in the consumer world.

$110.5 million dollars. That's the jury award for a woman who says she got ovarian cancer from using Johnson's powder products for more than 40 years. Last year a jury awarded $72 million dollars to the family of a woman who died from the cancer, also after using the powder. Studies since 1971 suggest a link.

And speaking of the seventies, the best consumer technology we had back then was the video game Pong. Now there's so much, we barely use our brains. When's the last time you memorized a telephone number or figured out math in your head? And how about using a dictionary? Here's a list of seventeen more things tech has made obsolete

Now, what tech "has" forced us to do, is memorize 5 billion passwords. And in honor of World Password Day. Here are tips to use them wisely. 
-Use a combo of numbers, and upper and lower case letters.
-Don't use the same one for everything.
-And change them often.
Can't remember them all? Write 'em down and keep 'em in a safe place.

And that's especially true if you're an online gambler. With the Kentucky Derby and all the betting it brings, we looked at which states are most prone to addiction. Nevada, South Dakota and Montana are at the top of the list. Ohio ranks 10th.  Here's how the rest of the states come in, and what factors went into the list: