Bresha Meadows, 15, may be walking away with a "plea of true" deal, AKA a "plea deal" after Monday's meeting.

The terms of the deal are currently being discussed, and have not been agreed on yet.

Under the proposed deal, Meadows would serve a total of 18 months, taking into account the nine months she has already spent in jail, her lawyer, Ian Friedman, said.

She’d spend the remaining time at an in-patient mental health care facility, either at a juvenile detention center or elsewhere. Her record would be sealed and then expunged.

Assistant Trumbull County Prosecutor Stanley Elkins did not comment on how the family responded to the proposed deal, but did say he was hopeful that the case would be resolved on May  22.

Previously, her attorney said Meadows was denied a request to be released to her aunt's custody.

Meadows will remain in the juvenile detention system while she awaits trial.

Meadows' case has drawn international attention because she has been detained since last summer, awaiting trial. Her attorneys say she acted in self defense, against an abusive father.

Friedman issued the following statement regarding the decision.

"While the judge has opted to keep Bresha detained until the fast approaching trial date, she has not touched on the release request should the state ask for more time to prepare their case. We will know tomorrow whether such a request is made. In any event, the defense is ready to go and is confident that a favorable result for Bresha will be secured in short time. "