In February we told you the story of the amazing Masie a young girl who was being treated for cancer at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital.

Well,the Indians caught wind of 7-year-old Masie’s story and sent her a good luck charm as her uphill battle to fight this disease continues.

Maisie has something to smile about again after she received a special gift from the Indians.

It was labor day weekend in 2015 when Masie was first admitted to the hospital for excessive bruising, later to be diagnosed with A-plastic anemia.

Even with 4 siblings at home she did not have a bone marrow match.

Megan, Maisie’s mother says that’s when prayer kicked in.

A match came in from the worldwide data base for her from a man in Germany and she was able to get a bone marrow transplant.

Maisie is now suffering from complications after receiving her transplant back in April.

With close to four thousand likes on social media, the Tribe heard the call for support and sent her a rally together towel signed by all the tribe players.

Masie even threw a watch party for the nurses at the hospital.

And Even though Children’s Hospital isn’t away from Progressive Field, Maisie says she’ll be watching all night and predicts the score will be three to zero.