She's nearly 100 years old, but a Florissant mother has spent 32 years of her life separated from her son.

He was in prison for a crime she says he didn't commit.

This week, a court in Los Angeles, California, agreed and now Andrew Leander Wilson, 62, is a free man, possibly headed to St. Louis.

His mother, Margie Davis, has spent three decades sending letters to lawmakers and judges pleading her son's innocence.

"Andrew Wilson left St Louis in 1976 to visit friends and relatives in Los Angeles. He never came home," reads one of Davis's letters to a local lawmaker from 1985.

At the time, Wilson sat in a California prison. He had been convicted of the robbery and murder of Christopher Hanson.

Davis still remembers the moments before his arrest.

"He said 'I better stay here. I didn't do nothing. So I'll just turn myself in,'" said Davis.

Davis says over time, all appeals were denied and she thought she might never see her son a free man again.

"Nobody would help. It had been so long, I didn't have confidence in any of it," said Davis.

But in the past year, problems with the original case were brought up by the Loyola law school's LA Project for the Innocent.

Los Angeles County prosecutors agreed that Wilson did not get a "fundamentally fair trial.''

"Three years ago they gave me reason. Loyola Law School gave me reason to think that it was going to happen." said Wilson as he was released from prison on Thursday.

"I was terribly happy about it. But it was a surprise," said Davis.

Davis says her son may be home by the end of the month. And she already has the perfect place for him to live, a basement apartment she furnished for her son years ago.

"I wouldn't worry so much about where he's going to stay. He can stay here if he'll help me clean up this mess," said Davis, pointing to her living room.