A Northeast Ohio boy's out of this world's wish has been granted, he got to be an astronaut for a day.

11 year-old Jacob Heberling made a special wish.

A wish that didn't just land him among the stars, it took him all the way to outter space.

"I'll tell you one planet I'll never go to Jupiter" the boy joked as he had the opportunity to suit up and play astronaut today.

For Herberling, it was a wish come true.

At just nine, Jacob suffered a stroke and was diagnosed with a rare form of heart disease called Restrictive Cardiomyopathy, also know as (RCM).

And much like space, the unknown can be freighting.

Finding out about his rare condition, that he was suffering extreme heart failure, and that he was in need of a heart transplant right away were all very scary for Jacob and his family.

But that fear didn't stop Jacob's love for space, and in August Jacob received a heart transplant changing his life.

According to his mother she was surprised with how well he adjusted and just got back into the swing of things.

It was that very testimony which inspired the special wish foundation to reach out to NASA, the Great Lakes Science Center, and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to have Jacob become "Cleveland's Astronaut for the Day"

On his special day, He held a 4 ½ year old meteorite, flew to Mars, was presented with his own flight suit, shot rockets, and finally had a behind the scenes training at NASA Glenn Research Center.