Fidget Spinners On Fire

For those who don't know what Fidget Spinners are, they are a crazy popular little plastic toy you hold in your hand and it spins around. They were originally designed to help kids stay focused and reduce fidgeting...hence the name. But we've recently discovered another unintended use…as an incendiary device.

Yep, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says the toy can catch fire while charging. And it warns, you should never leave them charging overnight when people are sleeping.
Now...there have only been two reports, and not all of the models have a rechargeable battery. But this highlights some of the issues with those lithium ion batteries.

Earlier this year hoverboards were catching fire while being charged. The same with some laptops and smartphones.

In fact there's now a $40 million dollar class action settlement where people who bought products with the batteries can get money.

Consumer Products Safety Commission

Lithium Battery Class Action Settlement

Shopping Cart Tricks

Now from tricks that savvy shoppers are using to get deals on the internet. It pays to shop around. And not just in the short term. Retailers pay attention to price sensitive shoppers, which means they're likely to get a better deal than someone who just hits one site, clicks and buys.
And one of the ways to get their attention is the called the shopping cart trick.

What you do, is add an item you're interested in to your cart. But don't buy it. You're basically telling the retailer, I really like this item, but maybe I'm not quite ready to spend the money. Well they want to close the deal. So if you leave the product in your shopping cart for a few days...some retailers will send you a coupon code or a discount. Another way to get flagged as someone who only buys when there’s a deal...use online coupons.

Free Chicken If You Moo

Now here's a trick to get free food. The catch…. you're gonna have to embarrass yourself by dressing up like a cow.

Next Tuesday is Chick-Fil-A's annual Cow Appreciation Day. Some of its restaurants are giving away certain entrees if you show up wearing something cow-like.

Cow Appreciation Day

Cow Costume Ideas