CRYSTAL, Minn. - Investigators in Crystal are pursuing charges against a group of teens that attacked a physically disabled young man and posted a video clip of the incident on social media.

The attack took place outside the Target store on West Broadway Saturday. The video shows a group of young people begin to taunt the man, using expletives to belittle and mock him. When the man turns and walks towards target in an attempt to get away one of the teens runs up behind the victim, kicking him in the back and sending him crashing to the cement. The attacker and other teens in the group are heard laughing as the man shouts in pain.

On Monday, Crystal Police released a statement confirming they are investigating the incident.

The Crystal Police Department is currently investigating what appears to be an unprovoked attack of a young male with a physical disability. The incident occurred on Saturday morning, September 16th outside our Target store located at 5537 West Broadway. The suspects were known to the victim.

A video of the incident was aired on Facebook.

We are working with the victim and his family and pursuing criminal charges against the suspects.