If you’re a woman with kinky or curly hair like I have, you know what we go through to get our hair looking neat and in place. But there's something called the Brazilian Blowout which promises to cut the time it takes to do your hair in half and keep it looking smooth no matter what the weather is outside. But does it work?

We put in every product imaginable, pull our hair straight with a blow dryer and heat it up flat irons,all in hopes of having soft and silky hair.

In fact I use about five products and appliances every day to calm my crazy curls.

But the Brazilian Blowout promises to change all that in three steps.

"You can go outside in 90 degree weather,” said Lindsey Shamis of Savvy Scissors in Legacy Village.

“It won't frizz up?” I asked.

“It won't change. You can sweat, you can get wet from rain and it stays exactly the same," she said.

Lindsey’s been doing hair for 33 years and swears by the Brazilian.

"It puts a protein complex in your hair which strengthens it. It's a sealant so you don't have to work as hard on your hair," she said.

The procedure got a bad name a few years back after reports that a chemical in the product created formaldehyde gas when heated.

The EPA considers formaldehyde a carcinogen if there's long term exposure. But Lindsey says she's certified, doing Brazilians for more than a decade, and she's not concerned.

"As long as it's done in a well-ventilated area where the air is moving and not in a closed room," she explained.

Washing your hair is the first step in the process, where they use a sulfate free shampoo to preserve the solution...and that's important according to Lindsey.

"It leaves the cuticle wide open so when I do the I put the Brazilian Blowout solution on, it like sucks it in. It's very porous so it just gobbles it up."

And putting on the solution is the second step...which actually smells pretty nice.

"I have your hair in like four quadrants, And I'll be doing that all throughout your head, getting every hair strand," she said while doing the process.

Next step is the blow dry where I'm already seeing results.

"You can see how smooth and shiny and it feels nice,” she shows me.

And that's before the last step in this process where Lindsey seals in the solution with a 450 degree flat iron.

"It cuts the bulk by fifty percent," she explains.

Now the whole procedure takes three hours, an eternity for me. But with results like this, I'd do it again in a hot minute

The process is not inexpensive at $300. Lindsey charges $270 for first time clients. But it's supposed to last three months. And for me, this is a game changer, if only for the time it saves. And that’s One For The Money.