Cleveland Police were investigating a possible abduction that occurred Saturday around 10 a.m. at East 89th Street and Carnegie Avenue.

Later Saturday, Cleveland Police sent an update and reported about what actually occurred.

Cleveland Police recovered the vehicle involved in the incident at E 35th Street.

Subsequently, according to a news release, officers located both the suspect and victim. Police now say the matter was reportedly a domestic violence situation.

Police say that the victim at this time refuses to cooperate with the investigation and refuses prosecution.

The release noted that officers remain at the scene investigating and further reports will be made. Police say that both the suspect and the victim are reported to be intoxicated at the moment.

At 8:20 p.m., police sent another release and noted that they had arrested a man for domestic violence and felonious assault. No further details were given. Police will continue to to investigate the incident.

Earlier Saturday, police say a vehicle was first seen in the parking lot in the video. At 10:08:53, the male is seen grabbing the female on the sidewalk.

Witnesses told police they saw a muscular, black male standing about 5’7” in height who was wearing a grey hoodie and grey sweatpants grab and beating a black female, forcing her into a vehicle.

The female is described as slender, standing about 5’4” in height and wearing a black jacket. Witnesses say she also had on a tan shirt, a white knit hat, and blue jeans and was carrying a large brown purse.

The suspected vehicle in the abduction is a black Audi SUV sedan with a possible partial plate of ‘GWT.’

Police say further information indicates the license plate may have been bent. Witnesses followed the Audi and reported they saw the male leave the vehicle and bend the plates. The vehicle is first seen in the parking lot in the video. At 10:08:53, the male is seen grabbing the female on the sidewalk.

Anyone with information to this incident is asked to call 216-623-3084. Cleveland Police need help identifying the male and female in this video. If you think you see the described vehicle, you’re asked to call 911.

Here is a video from Cleveland Police: