The Northeast Ohio man who walked five hours to and from work every day now has enough money to buy his own car. This all started with a police officer who gave him a ride and ended with thousands of dollars in donations from the community. More than 200 people pitched in money for Kevan Finley’s cause. The GoFundMe account has exceeded its goal of $6,000.

At his job at the Ruby Tuesday in Mentor, he’s known as a hard-working, quiet guy, but his work ethic and dedication spoke loud and clear to all who heard his story.

“I’m still kind of amazed it’s all even happening. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing,” Kevan Finley told us when we caught up with him Thursday afternoon.

Finley can’t even believe his own story. It starts back when he walked eight miles to work to get to his job at the Beachwood Ruby Tuesday. But that location closed and he couldn’t find something close to his home in Euclid that paid more than minimum wage. So he took a transfer with the company to Mentor, walking 18 miles to work there. One day, a police officer offered a ride. A kind stranger witnessed and inquired about the gesture. Then his wife posted about it on Facebook. We saw the post and did a story about Kevan earlier this week. Someone organized a GoFundMe page with a goal of $6,000 which was met within three days.

“I’m very grateful and I’m glad there were so many people who were willing to help,” he said.

He plans to pay it forward and carpool!

“I think I’ll try to offer as many as I can, rides, because I definitely know what they’re going through and what they’re trying to do. So, I wanna be there to help them just like everyone’s here to help me.”

Kevan doesn’t yet have a driver’s license. He’s never needed one. He’s never owned a car before, but he plans to apply for a license as soon as possible. He’ll use some of the money for a car and what’s left over for insurance and other car-related expenses.