Quietness and stillness are not things highly valued in this world of constant stimulation, but this group knows they are much needed.

That’s why they gathered at St. Joseph’s in Cleveland for the second annual Circle the City with Love event.

Circle the City with Love was such a success last year at the RNC, organizers wanted to continue the tradition. The event culminates in 30 minutes of silence. Participants hold hands and reflect.

“There’s racism and militarism and commercialism, poverty and our world is broken and we’re standing in silence to put love into the universe so that each one of us become more loving and create a better world for everyone to live in,” said organizer Sister Rita Petruziello.

Last year, Circle the City with Love ended up being the largest group assembled during that whole week of the RNC. Then, they stood on the Hope Memorial Bridge.

Organizers hope the annual event will continue to grow.