It's not what I wanted to read about but somehow I am not surprised...and saddened.

The Associated Press is reporting on a bond and probable cause hearing that took place in Marietta, Georgia today where a detective testified that the Georgia father Justin Ross Harris, charged with murder and child cruelty, sent nude photos to women while his toddler son Cooper, 22 months, was inside the hot SUV.

The detective also testified that Justin and his wife had two life insurance policies for the child and that the Dad looked at a website that advocated for not having children before the boy died in the hot SUV June 18. The Cobb County Medical Examiner's office said the child died of hyperthermia, a condition in which the body overheats.

Cobb County Police Detective Phil Stoddard also described evidence that prosecutors say shows that Harris intentionally left the child inside the car and that Harris had done an Internet search for "how to survive in prison."

And here's what really bothered me.

The Associated Press also reported that Stoddard says Harris' wife came to the day care the afternoon the boy died, June 18, and was told the child wasn't there. According to witnesses, she then said her husband must have left the toddler in the car.

Really? REALLY? No wonder they charged him with murder and I think the wife needs to be charged as well. Likely that will come.

The judge denied the father bond so he will remain in jail until his trial.

But how can anyone do that? If you don't want your child anymore -- something I just can't imagine myself -- then talk to someone, get some counseling. How could you kill a child?

Sorry to start the holiday weekend with such terrible revelations.

Just try and hug your own children a little tighter this weekend. Take them to enjoy fireworks -- unless Hurricane Arthur is drenching your Fourth of July -- or just sit and listen to them talk.

Fireworks are my second favorite thing in the whole world and they always delight me. Just remember to enjoy whatever you do. You want to leave this world with memories, not just dreams.

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