FREMONT -- The search is over for the man accused of killing three people, including a police officer, early Sunday.

Fremont police arrested the suspect Monday morning just down the street from the bar where the shooting happened.

The suspect is 33-year-old Igmidio Mista -- also known as Roger.

Much to their surprise, police found him at a relative's home a few blocks from the bar.

"Went to a place where we had not been before. Started talking at the front porch, and Mr. Mista walks up behind the guy that they were talking with and was arrested without any incident," said Police Chief Tim Wiersma.

Police say Mista got into an altercation with a man inside the bar and then started shooting randomly as he left -- killing three people including customer Daniel Ramirez, employee Ramiro Sanchez and Elmore police officer Jose Andy Chavez.

A fourth victim was taken by LifeFlight to an area hospital.

Police searched relentlessly for Mista but didn't find him.

"My greatest concern, the past 24 hours, has been the fact that this guy was on the street with a gun and worrying that he would injure someone else in our community," Fremont Mayor Jim Ellis said.

The loss of the victims is taking its toll on the community and law enforcement.

"It's very sad we lost three citizens and one was the officer, so it it hits a little closer to home because he was an officer, and so we are deeply saddened," said Wiersma.

The suspect is from the Philippines.

Police say his passport has expired, so immigration is now involved.