A Cleveland Lyft ride went awry late Sunday night in an attack that left the driver dead and his passenger wounded.

According to Cleveland police, officers responded to Wayside and Wickford for a male shot inside of a vehicle at approximately 12 a.m. Monday morning. The driver, who remains unidentified, was unresponsive after having suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was later pronounced dead at University Hospitals.

The passenger, 31-year-old Christina Foster, was located outside the vehicle with a gunshot wound to her arm.

Although the suspect fled the scene, two males -- one of which had suffered a gunshot wound to his abdomen -- were later dropped off at University Hospital. One of the males, 19-year-old Deonta Houston, was arrested in connection with the homicide, while the other was unable to be interviewed due to being immediately taken into surgery.

The matter remains an open investigation. More on it as it develops.