CLEVELAND -- A 3-year-old boy is in critical condition at Metro Health Medical Center, according to police.

The boy's mother, Carla Rivera was arrested after the child's injuries allegedly didn't match up with information she gave to hospital staff about what happened.

Rivera took him to MetroHealth Medical Center last night, and that started the investigation. A man, Jorge Rosario Collazo Jr., is also under arrest. Neither has been formally charged.

Detectives went to a home on West 123rd Street that they are calling a crime scene.

"He was a very quiet little boy," a neighbor said. Neighbors say police were searching through garbage cans at the home last night.

The two were arrested for felonious assault, domestic violence and endangering children.

Children and Family Services says there were four other children at the home, and they are now with family members. They had no obvious injuries. Children's services has been involved with the family since 2012. The last home visit was Feb. 7.

There are two other children of this mother -- one is around 2 years old with medical needs and living with a foster family. Another is 11 years old and living with his father.