The owner-operator of the McDonald's restaurant where an eagle-eyed employee spotted Ohio Facebook killer Steve Stephens says he couldn't be prouder.

Stephens stopped for a moment at a McDonald's drive through in Erie, Pennsylvania, where an employee noticed him. 

She started to call police and asked her manager and the owner to look for themselves.

Thomas Ducharme said they delayed Stephens slightly by telling him the fries were not quite ready.

That gave police just enough time to catch up with Stephens.

He killed himself after a short police pursuit. 

Ducharme says everyone did exactly what they needed to do in order to catch Stephens.

Ducharme says when his employees saw Stephens' car she knew she spotted the 'Ohio Facebook killer.' 

"He gave her - I don't even remember what the denomination of the bill was - but didn't wait didn't say anything didn't wait for the change, so her immediate reaction was to look out the window to see what was going on, he said. "She thought she recognized his face for that spit second that she had but when she saw it was a white fusion with Ohio plates, something - a light bulb went off in her head."  

The woman who spotted Stephens has not been identified. 

Ducharm says that's because "she wants to stay in the background."