For two years, 20-year-old Glen Adkins has slipped through law enforcement’s grip.

He’s wanted for multiple burglaries spanning different areas of Northeast Ohio. In the past two weeks, his name has been attached to at least 20.

“The Adkins family business seems to be breaking into houses, the two younger brothers, the family members,” Councilman Tony Brancatelli, Ward 12, said.

Brancatelli and City Council President Kevin Kelley contributed their own money to get Adkins off the street, raising the reward to $3,500.

"We thought raising a level of the severity of what's been going on here and the issue at hand, it was important for us to do that,” Brancatelli said.

In Old Brooklyn, double digit break-ins during September has left residents frustrated, angry and worried for their safety.

"I was nervous when it first started, when it got close to home.” Keitha Nunn, resident, said.

Nunn lives two doors down from one of Adkins’ victims – the man who was shot at during an attempted burglary.

"I know he's not the only criminal in our neighborhood, but he's been the criminal that has terrorized this neighborhood and made us more afraid,” Nunn said.

Police said Adkins and his crew have been known to break into homes in West Park, Slavic Village, Mentor, even Solon.

They said the suspects will knock on doors and if they don’t hear anyone home, they’ll kick it in and take car keys, loose money or anything openly available.

On Tuesday night, an informational meet and greet gave Old Brooklyn neighbors a chance to get to know one another, exchange stories and get an update about the investigation and search for Adkins.

"What we heard today was people need to start sharing more information,” Brancatelli said. “You need to know your neighbor, you need to know your neighbor's phone number."

It’s a small step that might avoid another break-in and a potentially deadly situation.

"You feel more comfortable when you know you have a community behind you,” Nunn said.

Adkins has a warrant out for charges including felonious assault, assault on a police officer and burglary.

Those charges stem from an incident on September 20th when Adkins fled from police in a vehicle and dragged an officer as the vehicle sped away.