ID=6019501NORTH OLMSTED -- North Olmsted police are investigating what sparked a shooting outside the Home Depot in the Great Northern shopping center Tuesday afternoon.

Police say the shooting happened inside a van.

Around noon, police say a 34-year-old man was inside the van when another 34-year-old man shot him in the back of the shoulder.

Police say the shooter fled but not before witnesses got his license plate information.

"We did a good job at securing the scene and finding out further information from not only our victim but witnesses to find out where the suspect was located," said detective Bob Wagner.

While police arrested the accused shooter in North Olmsted, witnesses in the parking lot were able to get the victim inside Home Depot for help.

Police say this wasn't a random shooting.

"It looks like they do have some history. The two people, the shooter and victim know each other," Wagner said.

But how well they knew each other or what led to the shooting is still a mystery.

"There's a lot of information that we have to get, and we may be doing some search warrants," Wagner said.

Police say they expect to file charges when the investigation is complete.