Roaa Al-Dhannoon would have turned 25 in the time she’s been missing.

The Lakewood mother disappeared almost 7 months ago.

He dissappearance occured shortly after a divorce and after she filed a restraining order against her ex-husband, Fahad Saeed.

Now Saeed’s friend has been charged with lying to investigators.

22-year-old Ammar Sami has pled no contest to an obstruction of justice charge to cover for a "person of interest in the investigation".

Saeed, Al-Dhannoon’s ex-husband of about a month at the time, was the last to see Al-Dhannoon at her Edgewater Drive apartment in Lakewood before her family reported her missing October 16, 2016.

Police arrested Saeed in October for violating a protection order, questioned him and released him.  He was not named a suspect.
Al-Dhannoon, is an Iraqi born mother who was raising a 3-year-old boy here.  He has since turned 4.

Ther is still no suspect named in her disappearance.

In an exclusive interview in October, Saeed told Channel 3 News, through a translator, that he believed she was alive and possibly out of the country.

"Since they have been separated shes been into party life could be anything could be drugs," Saeed said through the translator.

Al-Dhannoon’s cousin, Ahmed Al-Zubaidi, of Cleveland, says he and her family believes she is still alive, but are desperate after 7 months for answers.

"Because her family is so sad right now. Her mom calls from Iraq a thousand times a day and just cries.  She needs her daughter again. I tell her we're looking for her,”  said Al-Zubaidi

Lakewood police say they are still investigating as if Dhannoon is missing, not dead.

In October, Saeed’s translator said, “He wants her to be back because she caused him a lot of trouble by her disappearing.  She needs to clear up the misunderstanding and trouble she caused him because of her disappearance and all the cases she stacked up against him," Saeed’s translator said.

Ammar Sami is due back in court May 25th for sentencing on the Obstruction of Justice charge.

Dhannooon’s family hoping a $10,000 reward they have posted will bring in the answers that police don’t have yet.