The Cleveland Police Department is investigating the aggravated burglary of an east side home that led to the death of a 22 year old man.

Officers say Joshua Bady was gunned down by a suspect believed to be Andre Miles, 26, Tuesday morning, at a home on East 128th Street.

The shooting was complicated by the fact that Miles is dating the ex-girlfriend of Bady. Bady and the woman have a child together.

According to witnesses, Bady was heard banging on the door of the home and then found his way inside. He kicked in the door of a second floor bedroom where his ex-girlfriend and their child was hiding. Bady was carrying a knife.

Miles grabbed his firearm and ordered Bady to leave. When Bady refused, Miles fired two rounds into the floor, but that didn't stop Bady from continuing to move toward Miles with his knife.

Miles then opened fire on Bady, who attempted to flee, then collapsed in the kitchen where authorities found him with multiple gunshot wounds. Bady was transported to University Hospital, where he died.

According to police reports, Miles is a concealed carry weapon permit holder.

Bady's ex-girlfriend had apparently filed several complaints against him in the past.

This incident is still under investigation.