A woman who pleaded guilty to killing an 8-week-old puppy was sentenced to one year behind bars Monday.

Deanna Caraballo, 20, was the first person sentenced under new animal abuse laws, known as Goddard's Law, making it a felony to intentionally harm animals in Ohio.

She pleaded guilty to fifth-degree felony animal cruelty charges for slamming an 8-week-old puppy to the ground, killing the dog, in September.

Caraballo spoke in court, apologizing for killing the dog.

"I was scared that day," Caraballo said. "He broke my nose. I've been getting beaten my whole life. I was scared that day that I was supposed to come in, then my face was all over the news."

Caraballo was supposed to be sentenced last month but failed to show up to court, leading to a warrant for her arrest. She turned herself in days later.

Caraballo said she's been harassed ever since her case became public.

"I deserve everything I have coming towards me but it's a scary situation I'm going through right now," she told the court.