It was a discovery by a 2-year-old child at a Wayne County playground last week that left many in the community concerned.

It’s being described as a by-product of the opiate epidemic. A photo posted on Facebook showed a hypodermic needle inside a water bottle at a playground in Rittman.

Rittman Police Chief Ray Arcuri called it a dangerous discovery.

"We're really concerned about the safety of our residents," Arcuri told Channel 3's Carl Bachtel.

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Used needles found on city streets, playgrounds and even in health care facilities can pose a risk of accidental needle stick injuries.

Following our story, we connected with Michael Hoynes with Medical Safety Solutions, the company behind the Sharps Terminator.

"Four seconds to save a life," said Hoynes.

The Sharps Terminator is an FDA approved, portable device that can destroy a needle within seconds.

"It goes directly into our Sharps Terminator and at 2200 degrees. The needle itself is virtually vaporized."

The product, which costs around $800, was designed for healthcare professionals to reduce the risk of accidental needle sticks after it's used. It would essentially take the place of sharps containers that are placed inside heath facilities and physician offices.

According to Hoynes, the device could also help in situations similar to the incident in Rittman. Police departments use the device when responding to cases where they could potentially come face-to-face with used needles.

Chief Arcuri said he would be interested in learning more about the device to see if it could possibly be an addition to the department.