80% of groceries sales at Walmart in England come from online sales. It’s why the company launched a grocery pickup service here in the Cleveland area.

All you do is order online, drive up and your grocery shopping is done. But is it done right?

Consumer Investigator Danielle Serino hit the virtual grocery store aisles and had quite the experience.

It was easy breezy ordering from Walmart's grocery pick up service, where we chose from a variety of items to check quality.

We ordered everything from produce and meat to chips and frozen goods, to see if they were
melted when we picked them up.

We got a lot of good food at a great price, and the service is free. Since not all Walmart's offer this,
you find the nearest location, then choose the day and time you want to pick up your food; from 8a.m. to 8p.m.

You’re supposed to call fifteen minutes prior to arrival, and then again when you get to the store.
And that's what we tried to do. But if you can believe this, we were disconnected or transferred to the wrong department seven times! It wasn't until we arrived that we finally got through.

But despite the phone fiasco, our groceries were ready at their pickup area, thanks to chimes on their hand held devices which notify the staff you've arrived.

"Let's go through everything to make sure it's to your satisfaction," said Walmart Associate Kirk.

He's actually the person who picked out our groceries. And while we got out of the car to look at our order, you don't have to.

But everything was perfect

"The bread looks good. We were worried it would be crushed," I said.

They didn't have our bagged avocados, so they offered a substitute.

"We picked fresh off the shelf, and gave you six instead of four," said the store’s manager.

They also let you delete items if you change your mind, like I did after my mac & cheese mistake.

"I ordered 8 of them?!" I gasped.

So I gotta say, for pick up and pack up…at those prices...this new service from Walmart is a winner.

The minimum order is $30. But check this out. If you refer someone, you both get $10. And you can do that 20 times a year, which means $200 of free groceries. As for the phone issues. Just their luck...they said they had a fluke technical problem that day.