Monday, a cosmic spectacle arrives.

Talk about a teachable moment for our local school districts.

"I am just so thankful I'm in a district that's getting excited and supporting our kids being outside," says science teacher Alison Schneider from Woodridge.

You mean there are districts that aren't excited?

In Cuyahoga Falls, the two districts in town line up on opposite ends of the spectrum. Like many districts nationwide, the Cuyahoga Falls City Schools is going dark on outdoor viewing because of liability issues.

They've even rescheduled recess times and release from schools around the eclipse's schedule. Students can watch a video feed safely inside the school.

Meanwhile, Woodridge Local in the northern part of the city is 'all in.'

They're providing approved glasses for every student and employee in the district, and they'll be watching outside.

"It's truly a lifetime teaching experience for us and for them," says science teacher Rich Ettinger.

Schools in Akron, Stow, and Green aren't in session yet and Medina is providing a video feed for their elementary students. Woodridge sees the opportunity differently

"We're going to be outside, collecting some data," say Woodridge science teacher Chuck Laurence.

"This is real science, out in the real world, outside of the textbooks," adds Schneider.

There will be a quiz on Tuesday.