AKRON -- Akron Schools students likely won't be in school past their planned last day of June 5 after the school board approved "blizzard bags" for making up missed school days Monday night.

According to a message posted on the district's website Monday night, the original calamity plan was to add the number of make up days needed onto the end of the school year. That plan has been replaced with the blizzard bag option.

"We had our calamity day makeup formula in place at the start of the school year, so that was our go-to plan until ODE ruled we could consider using blizzard bags," read a statement from Superintendent David W. James.

Akron Schools must make up three days lost due to dangerous weather conditions. In all, the district used eight "calamity" days; five of those are forgiven by order of the state. The last three days of lessons must be made up before the end of the school year.

If the Ohio Department of Education approves the blizzard bag plan, parents will be notified of the specific details, including when the materials will be distributed.