BEDFORD -- The Police Department is seeking a direct indictment of a 44-year-old woman through the Cuyahoga County prosecutor's office for felony sexual battery.

Police say the woman was employed as a timekeeper at Bedford High School. The allegation is for felony sexual battery against a male student, 16, while the woman was employed by the Bedford City School District.

Her employment in a "position of authority" with the school district is an element of the charge.

The woman is believed to have had sex with at least two male student-athletes. However, the age of consent in Ohio is sixteen and the female was not employed by the school district at the time of sexual relations with the second student. Therefore, the other student-athlete was reported to have had consensual sex with the woman.

The woman is also being investigated for possibly sending student-athletes nude pictures of herself.

In addition, the alleged juvenile victim who filed the complaint against the woman reported all four of his tires were slashed on his car and sugar was poured into his gas tank over the weekend.

This is believed to be related to this case.