LOUISVILLE, Ohio -- Teachers in Louisville will be back in their classrooms Wednesday, ending a strike that lasted several weeks.

Classes are canceled Tuesday as teachers prepare to return.

The district posted the following notice online:

The Louisville City School Board of Education has been notified that the Louisville Education Association (LEA) voted on November 28, 2016 to end the teachers’ strike.

The Louisville City School Board of Education was asked by the LEA to clarify two issues this morning, reduction in force and insurance bills incurred prior to the strike. The LEA withdrew its no reprisal clause and called a meeting for 7pm tonight. The Louisville Education Association has not taken action on the fact finders report, but is planning to later in the week.

“We are anxious to have the regular teachers back in the classroom working with our students and bringing our school district and community together to move forward and heal,” said Superintendent Michele Shaffer.

Classes will be canceled on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 to facilitate teachers returning to the classroom. All athletic events will continue as scheduled. Students will report to school starting Wednesday, November 30, 2016.

Just before noon Tuesday, the LEA released the following statement:

"On November 28, 2016, the Louisville Education Association (LEA) made the decision to return to work. While this was a very difficult decision, the LEA acknowledged the strong need to be back in the classrooms caring for and providing the excellent education to the children of Louisville. At this time, the LEA has not reached a tentative agreement with the Board of Education."

LEA spokesperson Angela Emmons stated, "Returning to work without a non-reprisal clause is a major concern for the LEA. The non-reprisal clause is very important to the teachers as it represents the olive branch, the initiation of good will and the healing process for all the educational community. However, the LEA understood we needed to get back in the classrooms caring for and educating our children. We want to resume and continue the tradition of excellence we have been known to deliver in Louisville Schools."

Spokesperson Emmons added "We do not want this continual cycle of labor unrest which ultimately leads to impacting the excellent schools of Louisville. We encourage all members of the Louisville community, the Board of Education, the Louisville Administration and Superintendent Michele Shaffer to move forward with the LEA in a positive manner, as we begin the healing process that must ensue following the difficult negotiations and labor relations which transpired this year."