NORTH CANTON -- On Friday, the North Canton Police Department, in cooperation with the North Canton City School District Administration, conducted a drug sweep at Hoover High School.

Two K-9 units from Ohio State Highway Patrol searched parts the building for possible drugs.

There was a single K-9 alert on a student locker. No contraband was found. Any drugs found would have been confiscated and the person responsible for it would have been dealt with administratively and could face criminal prosecution.

Random K-9 sweeps involve detailed planning to provide a collaborative and proactive approach between the school administrators and the police department.

The goal is to successfully locate and remove drugs from the school, to help ensure the safety of the students and staff with minimal disruption to the learning environment.

North Canton Police Officer James Harnack works closely with North Canton City School District as the School Resource Office.

"I call the school the morning of the sweep to alert administrators so they can prepare for the lockdown," said Harnack. "No one knows about this ahead of time except for me."

The school was placed in a "lockdown" procedure.

Staff was able to carry on with their regular classroom activities during that time, but no students were permitted to be released from the classroom.

K-9's were not used to search people or students. Officers led the dogs through designated halls and the search was completed in under 30 minutes.