The University of Akron has received more than half a million dollars in an emergency grant to help keep low-income students in school and on track to graduate.

UA received a $630,000 Dash Emergency Grant from Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates for a student emergency aid program.

Whether it's an unexpected car repair or an unforeseen medical expense, the university is hoping the new emergency grant will help keep students in class when they need it the most.

"Blowing out a tire, while it may not be a significant expense for some, is significant to many," said John Messina, vice president of student affairs. "To that end, it could prevent someone from continuing a class, or being able to continue their education or meet their education requirements. "

Beginning in the fall, a committee will review applications submitted by students dealing with a financial emergency. Depending on their needs, students will be given up to $1,000 within two days of approval.

The University of Akron is one of the first four-year colleges to receive the grant from Great Lakes. In the past, the non-profit has worked with two-year institutions that have reported students staying in school at better rates and graduating in larger numbers.