SMITHVILLE -- A senior class prank at Smithville High School has the small Wayne county town buzzing.

The building is sprayed with graffiti inside and out. It's not vandalism, rather, an activity that was originally approved by school officials.

In a couple of weeks, the building will be torn down, and students will attend classes next fall in a brand new building, under construction on a hill behind the current school.

However, some students got carried away, and sprayed graffiti outside of a confined area, and some of it includes vulgar words.

The prank has many in this town of 1300 people, upset. Some parents of underclassmen expressed concern about their children having to finish the school year amid the graffiti.

"I don't think they should have been allowed to destroy the building," said former student Caitlin Curtis. "I'm a little biased, because I went there. I kind of wanted to do one last walk through."

Members of the senior class say they didn't expect the negative reaction.

"We had a lot of fun," said senior Kari Hicks. "I just wish that it didn't turn out like this, because I don't want it to tear our community apart."

The school administration sent an email to the community that was obtained by Channel 3 News.

"We apologize to the community, students, and former graduates that the memory of SHS may be tarnished because of the final activity of our senior class.... Unfortunately, this activity got out of hand. The administration takes full responsibility for the actions of our students and will make every effort to continue to provide a respectable environment for the last few weeks of school in Smithville High School and all school buildings."

The email was signed by Jason DeMassimo, School Principal, and Judy Robinson, Superintendent.