Earlier this year, Slavic Village became the first Little Free Library Neighborhood in the country. And the number of those little boxes of books continues to grow.

Villa Head Start in Slavic Village is where you’d find the first little free library, filled with books and ready for kids to start reading.

Dr. Jacklyn Chisholm, president & CEO of the Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland, said "To be able to have a library book that is just your own, and you can take it home and you can read it and bring it back the next day and get another book. I mean, it’s little Christmas if you think about it.,”

A little free library allows you take a book or leave a book for someone else.

The parents on hand were encouraged to read to their kids. It’s all part of a year-long initiative called Slavic Village Reads, sponsored by Third Federal. WKYC is a key partner in the collaborative initiative, along with MyCom/P-16 and Slavic Village Development Corp,  

Monthly events are held to generate enthusiasm about books and build a culture of reading.

Just outside Fairchild Printing Company on Fleet Avenue is the next new library. The business owner saw a little free library while on vacation and built the library himself. 

“All of the merchants along fleet have made a commitment to Slavic Village to put up some more Little Free Libraries. So we hope to get enough to get Slavic Village supplied with books,” said Larry Hovater, owner of Fairchild Printing Company.