*The Disciplinary action included in this report was obtained from the Ohio Board of Education.

It represent disciplinary action taken against school employees from 2008 - 2013.

Cleveland Municipal

Basis for Discipline: Mr. Washington's following unbecoming conduct: 2012 no contest plea to one misdemeanor count of criminal damaging and subsequent participation in the court's diversion program; 2010 guilty plea for one misdemeanor count of resisting arrest; previous disciplinary action in October 2009 when the State Board revoked his license and denied his application based upon his 2003 conviction for disorderly conduct, failure to disclose his 2003 conviction on two licensure applications, and active arrest warrants in two cases in Louisiana; and failure to disclose his 2003 and 2010 convictions on his pending application.

Discipline Action: Board Resolution (FIRST REPORT)