Travel came to halt at Cleveland Hopkins Airport Friday after a person brought a gun clip to security.

“He didn’t even know it was there, didn’t know why it was there. It actually ended up he had borrowed the bag from a relative,” TSA Security Officer Jeffrey Taylor said.

Officials say they are seeing a rise in unusual items at security checkpoints that could be putting passengers at risk. They say it has to do with a rise in travelers, many of whom are inexperienced.

“We saw someone try to come through with a full-sized weed whacker,” TSA Spokesman Mike England said. “They may not fly but once every five years, every ten years, and it’s just not something they think about too often.”

Other items seized in recent weeks include a torch, hedge-clippers, bullets and box cutters.

Many of those items would have been okay had they been placed in checked luggage.

England said Akron-Canton Airport has averaged about 20 pounds of contraband per month, while Cleveland Hopkins averages about 100 pounds.

Anyone who may be worried about traveling with a questionable item can consult the TSA app or go to the agency website,