The FBI is turning up the heat on the investigation into 24-year-old Roaa Al Dhannoon’s disappearance on October 16th.

On Wednesday Lakewood Police Chief Tim Malley told reporters, “We don't know where she is. We don't know if she left to go somewhere and has taken off. We don't know if she met some foul play.

The Iraqi born mother, raising a 3-year-old boy here, never showed up for a shift at the Lakewood Aladin’s restaurant.

Co -worker, Dani Krasnicki says that’s extremely unusual for the cook who was always on time.

“She would say coming to work was a vacation for her, that she had problems at home."

Fahad Saeed says he spent 6 days in jail after his ex-wife went missing.

Now he is speaking out on October 16, the day he last saw the mother of his child.

Divorced for about a month, he was the last to see her.

A translator for Saeed said, “she dropped his son off at his house that was the last time he saw her."
That was on a Friday.
The 2 were due in court the next Monday for a protection order violation Saeed says Al Dhannoon fabricated.

He believes she's alive and possibly out of the country.

Saeed’s translator said, "Since they have been separated, she’s been into party life could be anything, could be drugs. He says he wants her to be back because she caused him a lot of trouble by her disappearing."

Police arrested Saeed for violating his protection order, questioned him and released him.
He has not been named a suspect.

Through the translator Saeed said he hopes his ex-wife is safe…

"…mostly her son and to clear up the misunderstanding and trouble she caused him because of her disappearance and all the cases she stacked up against him. He would say come back and help him because he's in big trouble and so is his son."